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The existence of PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk originated from a bank called Bank Pasar Swadesi established in 1968 in Surabaya. In 1984, the Bank's ownership was taken over by Family Chugani who grow and develop this bank so that on September 2, 1989, PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk officially became Commercial Bank operates under the name of PT Bank Swadesi.

In 1990, the Bank Swadesi merger (merger) with PT Bank Perkreditan Rakyat Panti Daya Ekonomi based in Surakarta to be able to open a branch office in Jakarta and after obtaining permission from Bank Indonesia, in 1992 the Bank Swadesi (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk) carries on business as a foreign exchange trader.

The process of growing and developing this continues under the ownership and management of new and on 11 November 1994 Bank Swadesi (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk) obtain improvement of the status of Bank Indonesia and formally operate a Foreign Exchange Bank, the status of foreign exchange more strengthen the Bank's position as an institution of trust Swadesi that provides services and more diverse banking services according to customer needs.

In the business development efforts as well as to get closer to the business centers nationwide, in 1995 carried out the transfer of the Central Office of Surabaya to Jakarta. Consistency on the commitment to continue to develop and provide the best based on the precautionary principle, it has become evident success of PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk (Bank Swadesi) in the past the hard times amid muitidimensi crisis that hit Indonesia. Based on the results of due diligence carried out by an independent party Swadesi Bank (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk) included in the category of bank 'A' so it does not need to be on the recapitalization program.

As a strategic step to anticipate the development of banking in the future, especially in the capital, in 2002 the Bank Swadesi (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk) listed its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and listed as banking institutions to 22 who 'go public'. In line with the program of activities of the Indonesian Banking Architecture (API), Bank Swadesi have met the criteria as a Focus Bank with a capital of at least Rp 100 billion and with the condition that sufficient capital will provide the Bank with a competitive keunggutan Swadesi in utilizing all the opportunities that exist.

Until the end of 2007, Bank Swadesi (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk) has developed a network operating in the two largest cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta and Surabaya with Network unit consists of four branch offices, 5 sub-branches, 5 Cash Office and 1 car unit cash around. Guided by the vision and mission of the new, unluk commitment to provide the best and the application of the precautionary principle, Bank Swadesi (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk) is determined to provide the best services and services for the community and economic development of Indonesia.

In order to realize the vision, mission and at the same time strengthening its position from the map, national banks, Bank Swadesi (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk) deems it necessary to establish a strategic alliance by inviting investors strong. That effort realized with the signing of the acquisition deed between the majority shareholder of Bank Swadesi (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk) with Bank Of India related to the acquisition of shares as much as 235.6 million shares, representing 76% of the total shares of Bank Swadesi on 22 June 2007. thus the official Bank of India has become the majority shareholder and took over the control of the Bank Swadesi (now PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk).

With the support of Bank of India, Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk fore expected to continue to build a solid foundation for achieving the best performance with continued growth through the transfer of knowledge and technology, the individual placement and raise capital when needed. Bank of India, as a bank which has over 100 years old and has 25 branches abroad that include: USA, United Kingdom, Channel Islands, France, Kenya, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, West Indies, Japan, China. Vietnam, South Africa, and 2,718 branch offices throughout India, giving confidence to PT Bank of India Indonesia, Tbk to grow and develop and may play a role ownership in the nasionai and internationally.