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Bank of India Indonesia is now the best option for sending Rupee transfers to India by telegraphic transfer (TT). It is more profitable to send Rupee transfers than Dollar transfer to India for following reasons:
  1. Bank of India Indonesia, Jakarta offers the best rate for converting Dollars into Rupees for the purpose of TT as compared to other foreign banks in Jakarta, and better than one gets in India by sending Dollar transfers.
  2. Rupee transfers are made at a of USD 10/- for TT to other bank beside BOI & USD 5 for TT to BOI
  3. Bank of India as parent company of Bank of India Indonesia has branches all over India for sending TT so that no extra expenses would be incurred by the beneficiaries.
Dollar transfers, whether by TT, would invariable be routed through US, thereby facing deductions on account of US/Indian Banks charges. Followings are the bank charges for issue of TT in Dollars:
  1. For the beneficiaries to get full amount: $30/-BOII-10,US bank-15, India Bank-5)
  2. For beneficiaries to get deducted amounts:  $10/-(BOII-10)(On account of US/Indian bank charges = $20/-)
  3. Services - Remittance (Outward) Indian Rupee (INR), USD, & Other Currencies (SGD, HKD, JPY, EUR, GBP)
    I.  Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
         Remittance fee  : USD 10
    II. Transfer to any beneficiary maintaining account with Bank of India (BOI).
        a. BOI CBS Branches (16 digit account number)Real time online instant transfer.
        b. Non-CBS Branches By courier to any branches of BOI anywhere in India to be sent from Mumbai.
    III. Any branches of any bank by RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
         - by RTGS if the amount is Rs. 1 lakh & above, charges Rs. 50/transaction from the beneficiary account.
    • < Rs. 10.000          = Rs. 10/transaction
    • Rs. 10.000-50.000 = Rs. 25/transaction
    • > Rs. 50.000          = Rs. 50/transaction
    IV.  Amandment/Inquiry Fee : USD 10
    V. Cancellation   : TT/DD, Buy-Sell Rate
           4. Services - Remittance (Inward) Indian Rupee (INR), USD, & Other Currencies (SGD, HKD, JPY, Euro)

    Credited to Bank of India Indonesia's account, in currency
    • Rupiah : free
    • Same curency (for Valas): Buy TT, min USD 5
    • Different ccy (for Valas): Buy TT - Sell TT
For instant remittance of Indian Rupees to any beneficiary in any branch of any bank at best exchange rate and cheap charges, please contact : Remittance Division at : 021-3500007 (Ext-207/208/224)